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Anarchy is not a left or right way of thinking. It’s balance, order in the chaos; an ARCH to the key of freedom in this life.

It’s a #WayOfLife & people all over the economic systems of thought share #Anarchist ideals

Anarchy is order without power.
That’s what the word memes to ends; without government

& many of us on the streets know; that we the people have not had the real order that government claims to be some kind of keeper of. The spiritual truth could not be more different. Order of the mind, the spirit, is not kept by some other force, like truth it is not handed down to you. Because it is not a thing, it is not a comodity; it is an experience.

Anarchy is not what the mainstream media will have you believe, anarchy is not
"Chaos it's elf!" or throwing a brick through an empty bank window

“& they call that violence while governments drop bombs & stuff

Fuck the mainstream; if you want to learn about Anarchy then read about it.

The establishment fears anarchy, because it is a bit like the internet or spirituality. The internet & spirituality both function without government.

“Although ... you may need a plug for the internet. The internet is so vast, so new; that a new spirituality must be created for it.

"Aℓℓ gσσ∂ мєи αяє ⁦αиαяcнιѕтѕ⁩. Aℓℓ ¢υℓтυяє∂, кιи∂ℓу мєи; αℓℓ gєитℓємєи; αℓℓ נυѕт мєи αяє aиαя¢нιѕтѕ. נєѕυѕ ωαѕ αи αиαя¢нιѕт.

‎- Eℓвєят Hυввαя∂ [ 1922 ]