“I cackle like the Witch aboöts it these daysh, fellas.

[ Revz own motorcycle from Hell ]

SO; [ ... ]

“What is the solution
    to the very outdated
       left–right spectrum?”

I would suggest something like
the 12 Archetypes of Jung.

“& it’s way more fun . .

This is what humans are about; { ...

We are not just lie riddled politicians,
business types with a profit over people mindset in the last dying breaths of old capitialism'z last gasping startled steps.

We should get naked; talk like Real People
Heaventhz even most wild of avatarian folk.

We are not just suits with a corporate agenda & military hardliners. We are soldiers, beach bums & hard working citizens, damit.

This map is an open sea of like minded people working in unity. Not a line between two opposing sides in what remains of a once nobel house.