So let’s say it out loud & clear.
What’s so fun & righteous about slaying non-entities?

[& suggesting solutions to the problems ofcourse brain attacks!]

Corporations have no heart, no soul & no morals; only sentient life has these qualities. Yet we still fight those non-entities as persons - the lie of legal fiction [ plz don't yawn, i knowhl i said it before ]

& the fact is team; the account crew & CEO approves - the belly of the beast after all & as it came to be how i made career as an well paid assasin in this deevine comedy, it made me filthy rich i tell thee in spiritual cryptic coins for drunken pirates & happy thieves.

We are creative minds with big appetites, burdens & other empathic traits of the human race

Specifics now; the Top 1000 biggest corporations on the planet need to evolve fast. It’s good for business

That means ecological solutions to the economic issues that plague our planet

For example; #BurgerKing turns vegan.
“Dam right; w̶o̶u̶l̶d̶n̶’̶t̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶i̶c̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶d̶i̶f̶f̶e̶r̶e̶n̶c̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶w̶a̶y̶ & I go to my local butcher if I wanna dig on flesh like a Wolf

Then BK starts doing their 'advertising' strictly on a mission to save the world. With no corporate sick mind agenda attached. That means complete transformation to a practical & well thought out Yogic diet & Sage like behaviour in local community surrounding every single restaurant

*Spits blood out of the black mirror

#creative #advertising #creativity #strategy #change #transformation #business #innovation & blah blah blah [ rolls eyes like the tribe ]

There are so many #BurgerKing muppets out there; I wanna feed you some common third force sense. While we waste time & promote famously gross fast food restaurants instead of getting down to the business of saving the world from corporations who have a disgraceful taste for poverty

Damit, where are the responsible fathers who teach their kids these junk food outlets are a disgrace to humanity

This ain’t a vegan issue, but even every Rabbit on a carrot agrees; it does not matter what you eat. All cool cats & dogs go to heaven

I have no idea how to respond to the ignorance of pointless big brand social media clickbait at times. You think BK is a good budget place to eat in the third culture? No. It’s an expensive western shame. That pollutes the streets where local family run business should take a priority; [ ... ]


"Oh fuck off you loony toon; you just got something against Burger King Corp & friends, Donald?

"Quack, well its better than having something against the Jews, Dudes

 ... Damit, how do you thinkh i brought down yurh whole corporate criminal network anyway - It was the olde spells from Rasta Rabbi that saved our lives; [ points at the patch of wild & fluffy that listen to the stories that circle in roots & dub foundations, rhymes ] "& the ancient words of holy Jedi, that got me where i bees todaye. .     


"Most lyrically hypnotic of dance floor remedy i tell thee.

"& Hindus sing about them moves, seen?

[ Shuffles threwh the Hippy Times and sipsh on morning brew ]

"I partied with many a crew

     under the same roofh & Moons i tell youwh.

[ turns another page ]

     "& there was a unified feeling

     about yurh dirty corporate deeds, nahmeme?"

aNywaHY. 'BK' You knowlh I try to avoid even mentioning the corporate locking code words in my algorithms because as soon as I do ...

Fancy a dead cow man!?
“No ... feck owfh...
Vegan? Fancy a rancid branded change?

No ...
Point me in the direction of world change & people over profit please ...

Sorry, no one gives a shit Dave.
That’s not algorithm we endorse Dee.

Well; there is no value in it for our corporate agenda ...

There’s not a rebel amoung you
All happy to plug the most rotten corporations out there like its a happy deal

It’s like watching a bunch of corporate schizophrenics dribble over consumption while the rest of the world is fighting corporate crime, those heros would like you to join and say no to mainstream pollution of mind, body & soul.

But ... I know you devils advocates out there have some kinda morbid attachment to those gates of corporeal doom

I’m amused you will even try
to defend filthy rich non-entities as well ...

When in actual ‘Fact’ culture jamming & subvertising the shit out of these criminal corporations has become the cool thing to do ...

So, carry on ...

I can almost taste the lies of advertisers in the bloody threads

“Nom nom om ...

... this first world delicacy
is a western shame in the east ...

I wanna eat at mommas local;

“Vapid Wraps & Moldy Stacks.

“Sold in crimson foldsh!
    To the highest bidding demonsh
           In Hells Wellshhz ...!

[ conts. Ranting like a Daffy on Speed rounds ]


Big Mugs unveils it’s most pointless project of the 21st Century! Way hey hey! Wow! Brilliant!”

yOuWL knowlh folks,
I wonder if you corporate tribes are under some kinda consumptional spell from the lower realms of corporeal Hell

Its like you all are completely asleep with no care for Yogi bear diet or alternatives to the most mainstream shit out there

I meme; thats what advertising is i guess larkh, sum kinda repeating spiritless incantation from sick minds and sick products for profit over people

after many many years of mindless zombie junk eaters offering you the most famously gross food on the streets; you all seem to think theres something cool about it ...

Yr minds have been brainwashed with the corporatisation of everyday life ...

Sheepish posting & clicking like insue; endorsing these non-entities that in reality, the people who have a grip on reality, loath like its straight outta jabba the hutt's lunchbox.

Dear lovers of ฿ɄⱤ₲ɆⱤ ₭ł₦₲,
Like fuck did you think there was anything else worth clocking or posting today outside of the realm of fast-food giants who have the most vapidly shit food ever invented

"Well thats just opinion, Deeeee!" nom nom om

Wowhmn humanity’s dieth hass really evolvedh inthe mainstreamnh nom om nom



Wake up
These brands have been 'culted' in no cool or pulp fiction of the concept & they have no heart, no soul & no morals! Only sentient life has these qualities; [ Rewind! ]

A taste for poverty. Yes
"hmmmm; Nom nom

Gross. Yes
"Thatsh jusht opinion, Dee!"
"Nom om nom

[ ... ]

For the love of god, fight on the side. Please.
& Stop kissing corporate arse

Cheers 🍻

“Dear Lord,
makes my holy cow blood boil & my fluffy nuggets swell, chaps . .

Now; ... Where to put my signature #ριcк'ℓє
in this post?" 🙄

"Fives, Tribes; Lives