Hearts of Ages


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Work in progress

What Sets Us Apart

The Orchards of Eden
Thorn & Many Folly Hearts
That blunted from Source
Still beat without an argument & free utero
Vines of threaded blood intertwine her Earth
Waiting for the intergiger twin to weave like wine
Surrounding them wild alien orchids & lotus
Lucid gardens painted by ainchent brush
The temple of center organ held in crown
Visited often by muse to find holy crews
Who wait in suspended archives on Earth
Their souls waiting to live in real life & Twine
The rest of Shell in vivid spirit like painting
Growing older as time on the soil ages
Layers of lifetimes & Akashic Records Spun
Playing notes from rare moon to fire suns  
Only the Heart is key to flame on reign sown
It speaks to lovers of journeys endless roads
The flowers that surround it circle and speak
To ainchent melodies and messages inthrow
Many antiquities lay before of lifetimes run
& maps that show å’souls rhyme to’know
The spirit garden loots with paradice bird
All in verse to describe lovers without curse
Fruits of knowledge grow in from high
Free to bees & wine to thyme at smoke eve’
Friends gather to dine at wisest of table
Many shape to fate, zen dreams easiest of
Family of best favour no anxiety of kind only
While lovers wonder where to take the story
In past from all to bee with in glory
And future to go back to in red rune
We all know what corporations sow’d,
so the gods gave us death’s own deity keys
often guarded by a Lotus Order who drink zen tea
in the Meddow never cut to forgive,
crypton by wildest architech & typencode
that wisest of programer learn advanced scriptio forms
May of gin to all bottles of the source
from where it first flow’d
Rosetta, Orchidia & even rarest
of Alien Black Widow & supernatural hybrid founda
who sing flute notes to the Hearts in techroma,
hyperwake surf like skeletal deep spell
Awakening Prose wrappio
in Angels of ribbon locketta
recovered from the blackest wells
to walk agin & bee’ma sent’ea back with Artifacts,
Holy Neon Fire from Future of Thymes’  

- the Hearts of Ages