& Doragons

pt 1; "Notes from olde haunts.

         [ date unknown ]


Notes; Tuesday morning, 13th April 2563BE

[ Edit ]

important memories & revelations about the war; on consciousness & the nights spent in my back garden smoking in the winter twilight, often with a beer and battle going on to retake my own mind from deep state crime.

What Sets Us Apart

Doragon Re:Call, 

   Doragon Re:Call 


I would be reeling it out all day from this outpost on paradice island. It was not the first time I had one, but this time a pandemic was at its peak, so some extra edge was added onto my calls into the wild. Doragon Re:Call. Every 20seconds, then 60, then a few hours would pass and fade away into a silent abyss. The blood vine was like a phone for my third eye, the words had a kinetic energy to them, as they hung on while bathing in blood, splashing in a kind of looth tongue licking lips in the face of touchless torture with Deus Ex Biomech undertones in a fix. It was black bunted audio at its most raw & formal; a rare holla indeed. Doragon Re:Call. All I could do was wait; while the call to source deep in field sent, no one knew the location of Dragons in pure realm, not even deep state with all their technology that had been raped. I was many years into the void, had left the enemy behind in dark paradigms. That was life in the algorithm & when I knew I had really evaded deep state control, it had taken many years of metaphysical work on the field of invisible reams; & I had tinkered with the DNA of baselevel reality in jest at stages many never think of playing naked for. I was full of tips, trips & imaginaryeum trinkets of note, that were most blessed by many a dead gypsy Queen. That was around the issue when the Boss ordered a [ put to sleepy ] on a very oldē large Nahahaga indeed. Tiny Kundalini & Wise BIG snake Vs. Deep shite.

Duke; “What’s the relationship

      or revelation Dee?”

[ cont. pissing up a government wall like most loyal of hell hound ]


Dee; “Well larkh [ barks at silver screen ]

They guard very oldē gates mateys!”

Even if only a microeconomic prima could see those dreams ...


Then Thoth would save it 

     like a golden note 

“Djinn ...

[ downs a shot of Dragon Whisky ]

Wisdom of Radical Raffa, chief.


Most stoned of Angelic buns under the Arcadian suns 

Raffah; “& all them muppets worry abouwh Lucky Lucy huh honey.

Keef; “My best customers ...

    [ holds out wild hat for tips ]

How long we been worksing on this gif Adbusters?

Have I got the job everyone wants or wut? 

*Spits in serpent bucket like Bruce Gee.

The ordinary man is living a very

abnormal life, because his values are upside down. Money is more important than

meditation; logic is more important than love; mind is more important than

heart; power over others is more important than power over one's own being.

Mundane things are more important than finding some treasures 


which death cannot


Rip it.

Another time when this paranormal experience went nitro ... 


one winter full moon 

years agowh 


The voice in my skull turned into cookie monsters ownth 


It was like my throat chakra had been stolen for the night 


I couldn’t explain it even to my own Elfs 


By Afterlife Paradigm Toys ™


“Fluffy as puff.

Holy fire

    of Gods,

  you knew nothing of


As you waited,










Now begins to replay oldē lines



“You know I became a hauntologist because I never watched or had a taste for horror ... I sore it all around me at work everyday for years in advertising. Then I went into service design and was doing shit for Lloyds bank at the biggest agency around ... that’s when I knew we were really ticked & tucked ... fucked.


Then design for dystopia started trending as a possible way to capitalise on the commodification of Ghosts


I had already kinda mastered that work as a loner .    .   


[ clears throaty ]


They watched the poor

& had no remorse 


For years & years

With nothing to say


Because all they had

Was a corporate agenda 

To this day.


As the streets filled rage

In the names of their betrayal 

None a rebel amoung their sales


The youth became haunted

& the old turned towards them


With weapons of fear

& most fearsome tears.


Eyes rolled back

& tongues spake in just 


It was just the beginning 

Of raptures in the dust


You understand

Why Lucy is the lightbearer?


When governments & state 

fail to lead in the valley of darkness

& instead choose to hide all from salvation 

Even holding & suppressing technology 

To use it against its ownth people. 


Demons ride their backs 

& Ghosts rise from their own souls eyes 

I would sit in the void

In Last of cycles

Most shadows dare watch 

in their light it is a terrible sight

Last of stands 

    for any human 

         or alien plan


& then Rãffå would come; 

Shine down upsun all their wrongs


A long dark tunnel 

Across the field 

Did those hands 


Tearing open the doors

That mortals speakh of 

In visions of the celestial world


It was like showing evil men

Their ends without friends

The Ringneck is a parrot. There are 4 sub-species, one of which is the 28 Parrot. 


The 28 Parrot is named for its tripled noted call, more mellow 

than sharply ringing.

Since 84.

Many souls have seen, sore

Hoping technology would save the world

& more 


Alas, with an Atlas

I found myself with a device

As useless as a vice

I could barely catch the cries of mice

While I was forced to morse

As I plucked the eyes

Of deep state spies

From their gutless skulls on ice


- for Blakeian rhymes.

Do youwh knowhl this cur 

That they was guilty enyff to stir


It’s a big ol’pot 

“Most holy of dot!”


That many a pirate 

Warned of since time forgoth 


I am the Crow

This is the arrow

Hunting their lost hallows

As halos dance in the Moonlight gallows

When monsters laugh at their crass 

Waiting to feed on their corporate hearts

On the floors of never been 

The scene without their deeds

That left us all with nightmares 


Instead of dreams

Walks over to the library

      in thē Sidrat < — - •


Picks up the Anarchists guide to the Galaxy; & says with swift verse; “I hate that bookh; shite cookh.


Now flipshthrowh ith like an index.


“Who’s a Satori gonna call, 

      besides youwh ofcourse ...

[ pours vintage tipple ]


“Damit, urmmmnnn all signed up to their poison rememdy letters ummmmnn ... fuck it 


Now throws the book out the window that appears & leaves like leafs fall from trees. 


Walks over to a plant, it’s a triffid, it starts to wave like a Medellín Medusa as the TimeCop pulls over a large bell jar into its field of Florian vision 


Inside is a man, who starts begging for mercy, knowing he’s about to get eaten alive by giant Mantis. 


“I have no mercy cleft for these Rucker’s tuckers ... 


[ at this pint with the Lord I was scared ofcourse but understood his point of view ]


Dee; “I see what you meme.


And we both drank watching that man screaming as a praying boxer had his insides, devow’dth


“Sorry state of affairs, but none of em ever cares, while they watch the world [ ... ]


“Fall to only their corporate burdens.


& We drankh the Kraken.

“science faction (uncountable) (fiction) Synonym of science fact.


Hmmmnh ... 

my eyes glided over other notes 


I didn’t knowhl if I was creating reality or imagining if it was being created.


“Common issues for a creatorrrrrhhh ...

But then I sore visions 

In the sands

That pointed towards lamps 

As the masters plan 

Unfolded in thy hands 

I touched the glass

& it became a mirror 

For their sins 

& my eyes 

They jumped in

“Whutchaginnah calls dis bookh den?”


[ ... ] 


“I dunno 

      Timelords & Doragons?”


“You knowhl that shit was first published in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. (TSR)


I got sucked in, remember the intro? Fuck it was terrifying 

I memelarkh if I could throwhl a molotov into that far right fabric of time ï wood chief.


Infacth it’s probably done before 

But no records exist of it on this ship.

Finally spots the dragon 

   in the crows nest.

gHoStRat; "May Bee just I just forgoth, Chief. 

"I still have that footage of real synchronicity magick tho.





gHoStRaT; “That youh are up there, 

         & I am stuck here.


[ eats brie ]

Pig; “You’re off yurh head.


Rat; “O’ye of so little faith in pork.

Synchronicity is empathy. 


& The Gods way 

   of remaining Onymous.







Holy mag rags at the bitter ends,       reader.


Yurh minds would pop dod 

     if them lot 

        were round yrh gates 

        round the clockh.

We’re meant 

   to be fighting fascism here, Dee


Wutdohwyouwhfinkhdis is; dad's army?


Your like a Q clue clockh for leftfield stoners.


Yourh an embarrassment at the best of twines & no lies I think you’ve lost yurh marbles in corporate crime.


Yuh knowh larkh we try to wear these hats with pride; [ removes bell hat from Duke ]


Even your mutts confused.

“Sorry, Chief. .   


“We don’t need a sorry Dee


   “Just tell us the fucking buried bones & gold bees D

Sabo; [ Opens can of Karma Cola ]

& passes it to the mrs.

Salem; “Suchabuncha muppethz

Sabo; “The rat will get the cash.

Salem; “In the meme time; there’s dummy blood in the trunk & cat nip from monks.


Small fry for fish like this but I must admit I’m taken by the spit; [ they kiss ] 


Sabo; “Even the rats Elfs knowlhowto rip the piss in poetics & shith h.   .  

Whutchawant an essay like the wizard?


Its a dyslexic vapour riddler.

& one of the best we had in the force of 84’ 

gHoStRaT; “I just wanna live in my cosmic fucking imagination fellaz.


Being Dee had its way.

Ain’t listening to any news, ain’t got no antisocial media; and hat, whatever their fucking version of reality is ...


I dowh noth resonates

Nahmeme fuzzballz 

Thē Rastamans wus clear about my mission; “but the order of the world will not be radically changed by the coming of the crow, dowg.


My paradigms were gold, as soon the snake rose from hole.

Saving the world 

was like how I feel about a lover; [ ... ]


It must be easyz

Stars into the void & points; [ ... ] 


“Because if you are not in it to save the world, then what is the point, right?”


No one goes into the abyss 

     Unless you have missh 

"When one who has great wisdom brings [volitional formations] to mind as not-self, he acquires the emptiness liberation" -Patis. II 58.

Gonzo; “I had to be dragged in.

    Who the tick tock pop wants to go in there for class of 84?”

Wizard; “I thouwth’twas Sabo who was the bitch?

/// Continues chopping up the logos for a livin’


“It’s like I always dreamed chief; 


You see the people  they are miserable because they have compromised on every point, and they cannot forgive themselves because they have compromised. They know that they could have dared, but they proved cowards.


In their own eyes they have fallen, they have lost self-respect. Thats what compromise does.

People say; 

   don't mix business 

   with pleasure.




& I find something deeply disturbing about that, Chief.

Are we the last of the Dreamers.


Is it all lies,        have I lost my mind?

Or is this connected world

             Locked in deepstate crime ...


Live without