Deep in enemy lines


"Sleeping with Reptiles or Feeding The Rats? ...


circa 2012-2015AD

Notes; 13th April 2563BE

I am the host

    in a shell of most ...

At the ends of Hell [ ... ]

    & ride a large Hell Bike.


Where flame & rage

Fill the spirits of Full Fuel.

The last of the Dreamers.


& I sold corporate souls

in crimson folds.

[ ... ]

      ;{ Signifies further story to tell

Tuesday 27 April 5:46am

Extra Note; [ ... ]

Without Jest

it is my duty

to report back

to all three:

"The Three Kingdoms"

Heaven; { ...

Middle Earth; [Hell]

... and  DOOM. 

What Sets Us Apart

"I had no problems with seeking or selling corporeal souls. They were all like extendable graphic assets to me by then in my spiritual hardrive.


That’s what logos are, Chief !?"

Zorba now looks confused at the bosses concerns as tea pours, and the one sided conversation about Vaporwave And The Commodification Of Ghosts continues; 

"I would even keep hard copies on my lappy on trips round the field. I never knew who might drop by to buy a cloud nine.

" ...

Zorba still wants to make a deal,

but is honestly more interested in the music; and shouts back from the other side of the garage;


"We cannot turn our corporeal tendencies towards the spiritual! Is that what yr on about matey? or bees yuwh actually suggesting dems programs yuh larkh to carry abouwt are like intellectual energy or somefinkh? ... An incorporeal essence of a living being, or reason, character, feeling, consciousness, qualia, memory, perception ...

Zorba chuckles as words quietly spin off the end & leans forward to whisper at the boss who working on the highly prizen ride, deep in thought; while the hitchhiker carries on babbling like a corpse at the back of the garage;

"Think this one lost its mind in ai ...

     I've seen it happen to anima beflore.

"You knowh larkh it rolls like this,

A wise friend once tolde me;


if you ride with me,

you ride with God.

Zorba shouts back at the rat

before turning attention again to the job at hand with the boss;

"As long as you aint upseting my mate Dave & the team in the accounts dept. i aint got a problem ya little thieving rascal!

you knowh how many clients they have, its a lotta dowh squirt.

A deep & meaningful look gazes across the metal; pearlescent shimmering colour envoking feelings of long forgotten moments from the road; memories wondering over the wide seat, intimidating radical engine; & then the boss staring back in the refection of the gas tank;


the words roll off the wide eye'd stare of Zorba once again;

"if you ride with me,

      ... you ride with God.

"I could always hear her talking to me after that.

[ ... ]

" ... hmmmn ...

the boss toasts with the tea.

Zorba now unfolds an old rag from his many pocket; its another map, as one of many hands holds a neon torch in the low light, another holds an olde monocle that seems to be reading while a large eye now peers over the antique cartography, another is tracing a line with the index which the bosses focus momentarily spins over to; ending at the point where Zorba begins marking down notes & sipping the Tea ...


"It's a blend i found here.

"... hmmmn ...

Zorba throws an eye back to the other afterlife concept bikes sat in the garage while the boss contemplates the notes, engine oil drips as the Neotoma takes a cheeky swig from a leeky one and continues ranting to both of them ...

"I sore it happen man, I was there doing advertising campaigns for the most evil logos around at the agencies; RKCR/Y&R, Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe, Young & Rubicam; they were just random names well engraved on my shell cases. Then I went to India, Goa; & sore poor kids painting those logos by hand on local shacks - after that I was pulling triggers with local dealers. When you see advertising in the third world, I mean really see IT - a giant red logo everywhere you look, perfectly painted by hand & signed, dated, numbered; on a local shack & onto the next. When you work for those brands in the first world, see all their wretched lie filled advertising, advertisisng that you even worked on, under a cover, a blanket, that deep knowing, that bullshit deep knowing; that this whole world is a disgraceful living horror reel of brands & cults of corporate minds, sick products. It’s enough to drive any creative heart to the edge of reason, to the edge of why, of how, what for. What the fuck do I do it for. Why did I learn, what am I designing ... Why are all the bees & elephants dying? Why is everybody lying. Over the years, the demons that grew in my spirit became hard to control. I eventually just let them loose into my creativity, watched their rage, tried to understand the meaning & significance of the peacefull art those demons showed me. I had many visions with that eye; of Hell & even worse places. I used it as  a tool to map  Utopia.


“I will not have you

without the darkness

that hides within you.


I will not let you have me

without the madness

that makes me.


If our demons cannot dance,

neither can we.



Zorba now looks over a shoulder,

searching the distant corners of the garage; [ ... ]

"Where are Sabo & Salem?

         Having a nap? ...

The Neotoma does an eye roll

a bit more boozy from the full fuel

unamused & still telling stories;


"I got my first Beretta 92 Parabellum in a Bangkok toy store. It was the first true replica bee bee gon I had held since even ‘toy’ guns were band in London. I felt a cold rush during live fire rounds into open space. It was the real dealz to my mindz fallen angel eyez. Although i loath weapons of destruction it became a sad, but usefull prop for my acting alone in the invisible court; [ now shouting as if before the court ]



   & Black Sparrowsh! ...


Raffa’s own spy.

Robin’s Morning Rye.


[ the last bit speaks in squeekh ]

The Buddha’s Holy Fields of Twine!"

[ ... ]

Zorba finds the pot almost empty,

and starts brewing another,

while still listening;

"Although i am not sure any of the messengers of the Gods would approve of me playing with toy guns, even if only for stage cracks ...

The Neotoma in shame heckles; and throws off the trilby  


"Yr a pussy!  .  .      .

     There's minimal risk from crime in Bangkok. 


Even taxi drivers smile like it’s the Golden Triangle of all last rides through Hell’s miles.


I mean; London is dangerous though. And the USA is like a war zone.


[ ... ]

The Neotoma now takes a step back watching the work underway; as a welding helmet pulls up seeking for another sip of that tea that Zorba has brewed;

"I picked up our friend here on the outer borders of the Boötes; HAT-P-44.


"Brought him back to Theta θ Indi;

     ... free side for a ride huh DåRiō!?

"Poor olde buggerh was born on Earthf.

Zorba hands over a fresh cup of tea to the boss;

& the Bike Mechanic from Vega speaks;

"What's your handle?"

DåRiō startled by the question points at the black star patch

and reels off various cosmic hacker aliases in Neotoma;

language unrecognised; error ...                          ______      

                                 ______        ___

Zorba starts making notes on the blend again trying to keep up with hobbies


DåRiō takes a liking to the Boss

& jumps on the back seat of the bike;

"So; who did youwh slide with, Chief?!

     "Sleeping with Reptiles

        or Feeding The Rats?" ...

- - -