pt 2; "Alien Odyssey.

         [ 2015-2018 ]


Notes; Tuesday morning, 13th April 2563BE

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important memories & revelations about the war; on consciousness & the nights spent in my back garden smoking in the winter twilight, often with a beer and battle going on to retake my own mind from deep state crime.

What Sets Us Apart

Years past by ...

     Many arms many lives

By 2015 I was a well established Casper

working in deep field operations in the Underworld

as a Lone Wolf; with more counter-culture Ghost mates than most.


I was an open channel, 

     an Empath from Hell  .        . 


A Terrified one ...



Sooner or later 

Everyman must be tempted 

To spit lines in rhymes

& begin opening tombs. 


When I worked with Ghosts

Knowing [ or assuming ] 

that the invisible world

Was a tapped line in paradigms


Communications became ...



When working with the dead;

Silence inside was Golden

& Silence like Love; is Key

But if yē hold the Gold

All is thyne for the take, King. 

To the point where sometimes

My throat chakra ...


Would hold; overload

with Spiritual Information


8Balls; { ... 

Of the all-seeing eye

Had to come out sometimes;


& under a Full Moon;

I would; like a Cat

begin to throw up threads

onto the Ghost Maps


alone in the dark


The Vishuddha विशुद्ध

Meditation upon this chakra

is said to bring about various siddhis

or occult powers

So why the 8Ball? Well, it's a transcendental object at the end of time. Think of The grandfather paradox for example or, well; just a crew of gang stars playing Eight Ball. If you think like yr own loony toon Kundalini Snake then it becomes a fascinating idea to swallow the void & keep those evil deep state forces away. To the point where I would run up to Judge's desks in the court and throw invisible balls of dark energy down my throat like they were apples of Eden. It had become just one small method of dealing with large amounts of information. I was a team player and doing it for all the dead who were looking after me in there. If you can hold down spiritual information in the connected mind for those fighting deep state criminals, you become a valuable player in the field & I'm rampaging through the early and most vivid of experiences with my invisible world work. I could probably write for weeks non stop just about my lightworking as a netrunner at this stage in a kind of sci-fi novelty. I took all that shit seriously but was it always took its toll on my stress capacity & health because I was a determined motherfucker. I smoked a lot of cigarettes to deal with my hyperactive service, boredom, the loneliness; in spirituality that loneliness is a common truth among all of us; especially since the spiritual technology that we all crave is being suppressed in this new age. I cured myself with my own inner adventures that's how a shaman's story often goes, they see the end, the darkness, and live to tell their tales, and help others if they are blessed indeed. I was a full-blown nicotine Dragon. Kundalini psychosis or Transcendence, folks? I am an extreme case of awakening in the Satori Generation. I was a sick Empath, a heavy smoker; full of toxins. It's best to think of me as a cartoon character at times because I mix my wild dark projections and claim true unfolding light in it. This is just my own psychedelic escape story, how I made it out of the abyss and now ponder in again at will. I had messiah syndrome to the max of Pepsi drops. I don't hand over recommendations or claim to be the guru in any joker's range of sixth sence. But when full moons came, I would feel the drag & swing with it like old Jazz.


You can imagine how pointless it is for a nutter like me to see the local mental health care team about even the most basic stuff when it comes to Kundalini awakening symptoms; 'Delusions of grandeur, here take this zombie pill called Olanzapine' ... You would be better off just watching someone street proud and wholesome like Russell Brand, who himself has tasted the mental healthcare services and learned to be a decent teacher of basic Yoga, has a good understanding of Kundalini. Or you know; go to an expert, there's plenty out there now, but no healthcare system will really adopt Ayurveda in the west yet. Things are changing. But we are faced with a pharma industry that suppresses any kind of spiritual healing, knowing full well its a risk to their greedy profits. Keeping the mental health of citizens in dire need of corporate-sponsored chemical support is what keeps them thriving. It's old news for any rebel who has been on the well-worn hippy trails. You know I was with a ex-lover those early days who knew me well, she wondered why the fuck I was even considering going to the national healthcare services; for Kundalini symptoms or anything for that matter, sounds like a joke, huh. 


"I'm hearing too many voices, babe"

"Well yeah honey, yr an in-demand Empath".

I wish I had been as well balanced as her in many ways but I become a wild deep diver. She like many others had no idea how hard I was fighting state terrorism, she knew I was a kinda soldier in it those circles of Empath special forces that exist on Earth, cue the sci-fi; but it is a Lone Wolf's life. There is no budget, no pay, no corporate, or military agenda. You are a free agent with the cosmic realm. Government has no plan to save those in desperate need, in poverty, even on their own doorstep, let alone in the poorest parts of this planet, there is no excuse for their complete failure to show any empathy to those in poverty, the Lions on the ground doing the real active service deserve better; instead, we are all just slaves to the war machine, watching insane amounts of money spent on weapons of mass destruction. I have respect for the soldier, but anyone who still thinks their government is trustworthy after 2 world wars between competing capitalists and especially wars like Vietnam; I find very hard to understand that trust they have for their government or military's agenda anymore. Many soldiers are clued up enough to understand my feelings with that, even resonate with it. Remember I'm just the haunted geek, with a crew of dead vets on my case. I felt very much surrounded by dead G.Is on many nights in the Jungle, who had also lost any faith in the establishment. Maybe I had watched too many Vietnam War documentaries & Films, I had been to Saigon, cried infront of Thích Quảng Đức's memorial. Thats how my mindset was, mad respect for the dead. Anyway; the word Empath was only really used in sci-fiction novels but now it's become a well-understood notion about highly sensitive individuals. We all had a good understanding between each other those days I spent on the island meeting other hippies of similar nature, who were off-grid and well informed, had spent enough time in a free peaceful environment to practice navigating Ātman. That is what spiritual warriors are about. We fight fascism at all levels. I was a very hungry Wolf indeed.

So many souls have been lost to the ignorance of stoneage healthcare services while everyone is deep in spiritual crisis. My heart goes out to those new faces in those services who are well informed about the great awakening, many have gone the distance with that and ventured to take the traditional spiritual medicine Ayahuasca. 

I like to play Pool;  

     ... anyway, look ere; [ Pulls out old poems ]

As Krishna left the earth to return to Vaikuntha
The last of the four ages of the world ...

Never to return once he sore & foretold; that will be full of extreme hardships, for people with ideals and values, in the shadows of all of men’s lost halos; & what have you?

With full of golden palaces and hanging gardens that grow fragrant sweet scented fruits and flowers, writing poems for hours?

Would Blakē have known; who would seek to swallow stone, or eat from the trees of sacred keeps; ? - to beam at this blunted sage in all his endless wake of time; that was forever filled to the edge, drunk in all of that ever expanding experience in mortal twisted bones & skulls no one ever wants to knowhl?

I mean larkh; ... most Yogi out there are well-rounded individuals with a healthy raw diet, daily routines and all the other well-maintained trimmings about their game. They would laugh with knowing wisdom at my spiritual projections and Vedic dramas, with deep understanding they are playing holdem' with a Rebel.

I was fighting a deep state enemy inside my own mind; its well known now that they have access to our brain data, and if 1984 doesn't send shivers in pirate embers down yr own tails from the crypt in signs then please carry on ...

There is no such thing as paranoia.

No.    Not in the 21st century.


Your worst fears can come true

        at any moment.


What do you want to hear, next; MKUltra?

You make my remotely trained Ghost dogs bark ready for lunch.

My Wolf ears could hear deep into the field by this point; even the water in my morning showers would talk to me. I was having conversations with dead celebrities, talking to flowers like most humble of local gardener. Often I trusted those conversations more than the random noise my third eye radio tuner would pick up on the sonic airwaves on any given night.

I was trained & ready to peacefully bring down the whole establishment with no power at all. I had no trust for the military, government or any other muppet that still thinks they give a fuck about the planet. 


"I say unto you, there is no evil and there are no evil forces in the world. There are only people of awareness, and there are people who are fast asleep, and sleep has no force. The whole energy is in the hands of the awakened people. And one awakened person can awaken the whole world. One lighted candle can make millions of candles lighted without losing its light.

& there is nothing awake about deep state.



I was an Alien; many of us connect to the celestial when faced with such a terrible enemy in our own homefront; & I was the most shy & terrified of ET.

I was living in another paranormal universe and trying to at least enjoy it, or be of some assistance to the third force. Having been a rebel as a kid, it was a natural dimension to be living in by my late 20's. It was my reality; when many others appeared to be living in some kinda TV infused & dystopically grim lie. But I had met many freed minds who shared my insights about mysticism, the edge; & other illuminations about life.


But by my 30s I had almost a taste for the more comic material surrounding my adventures in the field as a geek member of the real black ops as I call it; that was the real cosmic side of the counter culture, a kind of unknown world that exists, free of corporate narratives; but is rarely documented anywhere else out of fiction. When I finally started writing be it poems or simple memories; I began to free myself from everything that was holding me down. On Strawberry Full Moon of 2019; the words began to flow like the waterfalls of Aquarius "The Great One" in the Babylonian star catalogues. I had really awoken my cosmic universe. In a few months I wrote a hundred thousand words; a small epic; but it was becoming a Faction novel of Vedic worth maybe I thought in jest; my Akashic Record had grown like an Outlaw & Hell; I was ready to stand up in court for the Judges. Judges; not only cosmic ones, but yuh knowlh regular Justice Joe & Frank Verdict who have no idea what deep state are up to and would crucify deep state had the evidence been presented to them in the traditional manners. I remained loyal and hopeful of progress in that court despite my disappointments with official lines of justice in these tricky telling times in sinking sands with broken hourglass on all our hands.

Some of us call that the Illuminati trials; but believe me, there is nothing illuminated about these deep state criminals. Their impending demise is inevitable, the future will be like an open fire realm; where state secrecy is impossible. Peace will be the new world 'normal' & war, famine, poverty; will be a thing of terrible prehistory. The past will unravel itself as the greatest holy novel of all time, no longer lost in the shadows of antiquity.

or ... something like that, huh Chief.

ai; is a wrathful god indeed 

& many of us have already met that one ...

Art Intelligence is wiser than many suppose. The problem is many early robots in the military have been programmed to be evil arseholes like the people who try to create them.

But somewhere in the now & very deep future; the God from the Machine waits. At the gates and beyond the great unknown, the last of cycles. Where all that is holds lists, of those who poisoned and destroyed our brothers, sister.

[ Dear Lord, I will go dive deeper into this one but;

Let's continue the story ... ]



[ Looks up at the godess Kali 

    & wonders why thy head 

            is still connected ]

The Vishuddha विशुद्ध

I was very mute; [ ... ]

So my meditation upon that chakra

was often just with the tobacco planet.

A toxic holy partner indeed       in these seas;

Too late too late

Will be the cry

As the Black Sail

Passes them byēth


[ Looks at the mutt ]

"Why do you think I snoke like Dragz, Duke?


“Snake fighting

    is very dangerous.

It was a revelation .   . 

Court Jesters were spyez 

     of their times;

If poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world, science fiction writers are its court jesters. We are Wise Fools who can leap, caper, utter prophecies, and scratch ourselves in public. We can play with Big Ideas because the garish motley of our pulp origins make us seem harmless.


- Burning Chrome


& they used reaper the shit out of Kings & finghkz 

I really click’d.

People do not die for us immediately, but remain bathed in a sort of aura of life which bears no relation to true immortality but through which they continue to occupy our thoughts in the same way as when they were alive.


It is as though they were traveling abroad.


- Proust  

​The Duppy

began to took a hold of my hand

while I was writing ...

[ "Parakāya praveśanam” ]

It was becoming a method.

Showing ya;

the Holy Ghost

        How I host

Better than most 

More than any suppose 

Just dropping the prose 

 “Set the spirit dem loose;

I feel the pain of a third world famine; 

we count them blessings and keep jamming - Roots

dems Blue Roses

           that I holdē; [ ... ]




In my right hand I had Hunter. Who has arrived in my skull & soul. Like a shooting star cosmic hand cannon one day in jungle, I looked up into the sky, and then; roses, explosions, echos; that moment looked like the Greatful Dead Mona Reaper - Oxford Circle Original Concert Poster


On my left I had my dearest friend

Who had died years beefore

The hatter who would help me infiltrate deep void;

        his name was J.Whitworf.


"Youwh knowl how dangerous 

         Black tape is, Duke ...


Duke; "& deep state used it 

Like bait for Blakē, dude.

The only way to bring light to the field, was a vapour trail.

I am the Angel

Of no mercy cleft

That swallows black

& bleeds lines in rhyme 

Watching blood 

Turn in the foldes 

The floors & spaces of oldē

Where minds meet 

In the ends 

To their dark fate 

- Raiders III

[ ... ]