"Remember, 😁

      Remember; !

    the 28th of November . .

I was f’n mute once.
But now;
stories seas, trees ...


angry bees



   I'm dee!      🎶 

yē, MAY; remember meme.

  [ for the Director of 'leftfield' Music ]

Have we met ? 🃏

Corporations cold turn ya to stone before ya realizen.

Yuh how they say; 

   don't mix business 

  with pleasure 

    Well; [ ... ]

I find something

        deeply disturbing

               about that, folks. 


I'm just yr average

     neon pirate really -


Open to new poetical mates,

visual & vocal philosophy,

dares & project dates.

I wanted to be an Artist; [ ... ]

    but I became just another; 

    graphic designer.

"Tips? Trinkets? Jewels? ... Demons?"



  "She waits; [ ... ]

  "that's what she does !


. . .

What follows

are my dystopic horror notes;

     & "realz from the field".

If you are a friend of corporations;

     I recommend you run,


     as fast as you can.

Words are indeed; like Alchemy,

& therefore; I would not dare, thy wretched soul;

       read thyn; 

[ although zodiac Rats

  for the most part;

        are harmless ... ]



Snake fighting

  is very dangerouwse.

For I am

     the rage,

    the wrathf  

  the fuckingth furyeEHh!   .

& the unfolding vengeance  

 from all sides

    of   the abyss.

I ask only that you Enter IT

        at ye ownth;

RISK; { ...


  [ Federation of Bumbling Idiots ]



Where the real world changes into simple images, the simple images become real beings and effective motivations of hypnotic behavior. The spectacle, as a tendency to make one see the world by means of various specialized mediations (it can no longer be grasped directly), naturally finds vision to be the privileged human sense which the sense of touch was for other epochs; the most abstract, the most mystifiable sense corresponds to the generalized abstraction of present-day society. But the spectacle is not identifiable with mere gazing, even combined with hearing. It is that which escapes the activity of men, that which escapes reconsideration and correction by their work. It is the opposite of dialogue. Wherever there is independent representation, the spectacle reconstitutes itself.

- Guy Debord 'The Society of the Spectacle'



“Wassssaaaaahhhhhp ! !

[ ... ]

ωιℓℓ ѕтυff тнιѕ ℓσgσ fσя ¢αѕн!"

“𝘊𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘮𝘦𝘦𝘦𝘦 . . .

"Hєℓℓσ E¢σиσму!”

𝓒σ¢α ℓσcσ


In the early 21st next fucked up century. Kundalini Awakening has become like a baptism of fire for those arriving late to the game of paradigm-shifting

But many never even make it to the wild side of that open fire meeting with thē Holy Ghost

For she is the wisdom & the mercy. 

To those who do run for mother Earth; I tip my hat to you; we made it?! - & I offer only my own understanding of the great burden; with visions in verse & poetics laced on a darkly twist of vapid rhymes, liberated lines & wild mōtley patterned spells that spiral & twine; psychedelic trips & melting sunsets on the ancient rocks of Eden's sacred gardens; as oceans rise & fall in hypnotically weaving chimes to the sands of time; drinking their hearing; to strange skull & bone tumblers; the lazer licked artisan gothic tradecraft I sell to the gods as ashtrays; the savage techno & humbling magick rushes & wondering rattles through unfolding mystery; the grand delivery; out & under into the knowing eyes of those epic neon sights; darkbets in them pixelated nights & cheers of voices from far away hights on most rare of Full Moons that danced on the tips of dreams at twilight; where I once remembered  the future™ 

- fr. Shadows of the Netrunner III


The rest however; I continue to lay traps for, like most loyal of Neotoma with the rest of the invisible gang of grateful dead members fighting to bring corporate criminals to justice in the ages of rapture, vapour & retrobution from beyond the great unknown

Here's to em

- Nightcity life.   

& Mark well my words

             & Hexameter verse! 

Corporeal Friends

are Spiritual Enemies

Corporeal Friendship

will be yr soulless end;

& Heros from Hell;

Where Angels meet them,

shall come running after you;

to save not test or lame


For you will be the one

at the mercy of non-entities;

Praying for salvation;

As the fallen watch


the coming of Lords

Christ is very decided on this point, folks:


'He who is not with me

         is against me.'

The corporation is not a person; it is a legal fiction backed up by guns and police and jail cells and taxing authorities and the regulators [ aka 'the actual terrorists' ] called government.


It is a fiction, a shade, a non-entity

but a fake reality nonetheless; that living breathing sentient life is at the mercy of & furthermore - a slave to for the benefit of the establishment.

It is the lie of legal fiction.

Oh great,

   another dave from the raves

       has come to entertain the brave ...

& at this stage; in the collapse of old-world capitalism; my words that tiptoe along the edge, like a mad oldē bat & ballerina floating together across the valley of shadows, dipping in the darkness; will no doubt read to many in the resistance as a joker's paradiçe; knowing they have arrived at a mere street jester's deevine court comedy; served with tequila slammers from the grapevine on dusk till dawn rotations complete with a steady stream free holy weed for those who have been fighting the establishment for a very long time indeed. 

Rat; "Even the most



     & forceful

of cosmic Judge, my dears


love memes like dee; ... { "!"

   & rat raps like these, gees

because that one has a hand,

  that knockh knockh knockhz

    on evil men's plans & greed

     [ ... ]

Harlequin; "& that's why; all men fear me.

dee; "Yep the oldē court jester & a rabbit in a hat trick.


What did you expect? Some pumped up military leader? Some lie riddling politician? No.


Today the evil goliath that stone statue of a man staring into the abyss has to face is the top 1000 largest corporations in the world


It's all part of the plan; the order of the world will not be radically changed by my coming, folks


... there would be a big party in the Underworld if such a thing did ever happen thowh

Anyway;   I sent a mad rat from 84'




Fee-fi-fowh   RUN.  

I smell the blood of a Corporation

Be it alive; or be it dead
I'll grind it's bones

to make our bread.

Do yē sea;    memes Drags !  ?
Do yē seas    May's Tombs?

Where bees   me Codes!?
Where bees me Cloves ?

Ocēåns Earthf;
yurh corporations     curs'd.


- The Curse on Corporations ii.x

[ Δαυείδ screaming from Mars ]

& in a good mood that day mind.

... anyway,

  where was ey; urmmmn ...

Behind our democracy lurks a powerful but unaccountable network of people who wield massive power and reap huge profits in the process.


Claiming to work on our behalf, the people at the top are doing precisely the opposite.


In fact, they represent the biggest threat to our democracy today.



Even the word, it's elf ...

Corporate; means ‘form into a body' - that is; without spirit.

Jester; "& please believe me; I've wished & whispered to enough of the logos in my time as a designer in advertising; to have manifested every possible side of outcome in that metaphysical  void .

The Corporations have no heart, no soul & no morals; only sentient life has these qualities.


Yet we as responsible citizens are forced to fight corporations that behave badly in courts across the world (if it even gets that far) While we are faced with governments, states; that have a distinctly corporate & militant agenda.


Those often very guilty & filthy rich non-entities always get away with it - a small fine as they carry on. They have become invisible walls that corporeal men lurk behind, non-entities that have somehow have come to possess more rights than sentient life. 

"Well; that's just opinion, dee!"

No; it is a gross delusion, a fixed belief that is apparently not amenable to change in light of conflicting evidence of Corporate Schizophrenia - a serious mental disorder in which [some] people interpret reality abnormally.

Sadly; most if not all of those in positions of corporate power; or simply with a corporate edge to their soul; do not give a dam. It's in their interests, they have NO tolerance for THOSE COMMITTED to curbing the growing power of corporations. 

But me; well, I took people over profit; seriously.


I wanted personhood legal status for the natural world, yuh know?

 We must resist, rebuke and reverse

 the corporatisation 

of everyday life. 

 [ "The Corporate Charter Revocation Movement" ] 

I am done with the lies 

      of corporate minds      

that have a profit over people agenda 


      I wanted to do business

“It was a revelation  .    .  


“I call; you are my Rock, do not turn a deaf ear to me. For if you remain silent, I will be like those who go down to the pit.


Psalm 28


"Why are there still so many
Agent Smith's happy slaves knocking about?"

"Well, dee; you have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system

that they will fight to protect it.

Gonzo; "But damit dee, there's some tree-loving, poverty-fighting business people out there, who know exactly wut ya talk-sing about; who loath the corporate scum just as much as you do & finally joining the rebellion, ey pro'mice yah.

it maybee too late, but; [ ... ]


What is truth? 

Truth cannot be transferred,

truth cannot be handed over to you

            by somebody else


because it is not a commodity,

it is not a thing


- it is an experience

"How does it

  all come together

     in the end, dee?"

   [ ... ]

"Well, Hunter ... 

   I embraced me ownthf;

   Cosmic fucking imagination.















 are you ready?

[ I'm about to give you the codes ... ]


   to Hell.

Buy the ticket,

   take the ride.


no sympathy for the devils.

The Canvas below; [ ... ]

     is my offering,

  to the Gods;

     & mon stars

As Crossover Crocodiles

    who bathe in red flesh

      roll in twine of morrows ...